Friday, December 23, 2011

Are Booth Renters/Independent Contractors Allowed?

The representatives for the following areas said YES:

California - California does not have a separate license for booth renters. It is common practice by licensed cosmetologists/estheticians/manicurists.   


Florida - Florida does not have a "booth rental license". But it is a common practice among salons and practitioners. State does not have any penalties or fines or any statue/regulations prohibiting the act.


Illinois - Illinois does not have a "Booth Rental License" but it is a common term/practice used by licensed Cosmetologists who chose to rent a space in a salon.

Indiana – No license required. Independent contractors can work in any salon without special licensing.

Kentucky - Requires an Independent Contractor license. Apprentice cosmetologists are not allowed to rent a booth because they can not be independent contractors.

Louisiana - In Louisiana "Independent Contractor" is called "Booth Renter". And yes, there is a license for
Booth Renters. A Booth Renter must have both Booth Rental/ and Operators License present and visible at all times in the salon they are renting a booth from.

Nevada – No special license required. Basically, anyone can rent a booth.

North Dakota - Each booth space must be licensed as a separate salon operated by a manager operator only.  The booth renter must make application to the board, along with the fee of $80.00, two weeks prior to business.  The booth space must be inspected before a license is granted.

Maryland – Booth rentals only

Minnesota - You must first obtain your managers license.


Ohio - In the state of Ohio we do have a license for Independent Contractor but they must have a managers license also.

Oregon - After a person is licensed they can purchase a independent contractor license  $125.00 to work in any Salon (way to many Salons are Independent contracting Salons)  We also have a free lance license giving permission to travel from home to home, not in a salon,  etc. they have to take a Safety and Sanitation test $35.00 for this license and renew yearly.$125.00

South Carolina

Texas – Yes, with a license.


Wisconsin – Only with a Managers License

Wyoming - Wyoming does have Independent Contractors licenses for anyone who works for themselves under a salon license The salon License holder does not have to have an independent contractors license. 

 The representatives for the following areas said NO:



Iowa - There is a Cosmetology Arts and Science license and a Salon (Establishment) license and as long as the Salon is licensed, the way licensees get paid left up to the owner. But issues are brought before the Board all the time….mostly from frustrated wage paying (tax paying) salon people. Because of the way the statute is written, the Board is limited on what they can regulate in terms of booth rental. The most recent administrative rule written to regulate independent contractors was mostly directed at multiple salons under one roof vs. multiple “booths”. The rule reads, “A separate enclosed area inside a salon that is operated as an independent business for the purpose of providing cosmetology service shall be considered its own salon and shall not operate unless a salon license is obtained."


New Jersey

New York



Rhode Island


Washington - No "Independent Contractor License" - Only operator license which allows you to operate in the salon; if you were to be an independent contractor, you would get a business license in addition to your operator license and post both at the salon/spa.

The representatives for the following areas did not respond (or we are still gathering information):

New Hampshire
New Mexico
Puerto Rico
South Dakota

Overall Summary: Yes = 20     No = 12    Did not Respond = 17

There are no representatives for the following areas:

North Carolina
West Virginia


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  2. im a hairdresser in canada with 17 years experience. Can i apply for reciprocity so if i eventually move to California I will be able to work as a hairdresser without having to start from scratch ad have to go back to school etc???? (when work visa etc say its ok of course) trying to line all my ducks up so im prepared