Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hair Braiding Requirements

The following areas require a cosmetology license:

Kansas Kansas does not have a braiding license.  A braider can only braid the hair – any use of product or washing of the hair falls into the practice of cosmetology (brushes and combs are allowed – infection control guidelines must be followed).  A braider is not required to offer braiding services in a cosmetology facility.  Kansas law requires that braiders must post a fact sheet and self-test which can be found on our website,
Nevada Nevada currently has a bill in Legislation, which schools are fighting, that would allow for 250 clock hours of training or a year of braiding experience.
New Hampshire
New Jersey
North Dakota
Puerto Rico
Rhode Island
South Dakota

The following areas require a Braiding/Natural Hair License:

Illinois 1.  HB 5783: Amends the Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetics & Nail Technology Act of 1985.Changes the short title to the Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetics, Hair Braiding & Nail Technology Act of 1985. Defines "hair braiding". Provides for the separate licensure of hair braiders & hair braiding teachers. Sets out provisions concerning qualifications for licensure & renewal. A two year period will be effective to grandfather in applicants if they can demonstrate through tax records or affidavits that they have practiced hair braiding for at least 2 consecutive years immediately prior to the date of their application. Provides that a cosmetologist may still engage in the practice of hair braiding and that a cosmetology teacher may still teach hair braiding.
Louisiana - A completely separate "braiding" license is offered. (1000 hours of training required

Michigan - One must have a Natural Hairstylist License in order to do braiding (400 hours of training required).

Minnesota Mandatory safety and sanitation hours required.
Mississippi - A completely separate "braiding" license is offered.
New York One must have a Natural Hairstylist License in order to do braiding.
North Carolina - One must have a Natural Hairstylist License in order to do braiding (300 hours of training required)
Ohio One must have a Natural Hairstylist License in order to do braiding (450 hours of training required).
Oklahoma A completely separate "Braiding" license is offered in our State (600 hours of training required).

Pennsylvania - A completely separate "Braiding" license is offered in our State (300 hours of training required).
South Carolina - Braiding is under Barbering, only 6 hours of safety and sanitation required.
Texas - A completely separate "braiding" license is offered (35 hours of training required)
Virginia A completely separate "Braiding" license is offered in our State (170 hours of training required). 

The following areas do not require a license:
New Mexico



  1. Well, the good news for those with wisconsin cosmetology ce requirements is that whenever they would need cosmetology ce credits to renew their licenses, they can now take it up online as there are now tons of providers approved to sell accepted courses for the state.

  2. Hair braiders can obtain a hair braiding florida license at

    1. However, they still need their 1000 clock hours in FL to get a license, then there is an extra 6 hr training to be able to braid, or as i understand, "Advance Braid" Natural Hair, check it with the state you are looking to get licensed in,

      happy Braiding

    2. Anonymous,
      There is no such thing as an "ADVANCE BRAID" Course for 6 hours in the state of FL. It is only 16 hours and if you STRICTLY want to do braids or natural hair, then you DO NOT have to go to school for 1000 hours for cosmetology. Let's make sure we have facts so that there isnt anyone left hanging and giving up on their possible dreams.

  3. do you need a lisence to braid hair or weave hair in GA

    1. You will have to get a cosmetology license in GA to braid hair, as it falls under the Hair Design category. Check with GA state board of Cosmetology for more on school locations,

      happy Braiding

  4. How are all the African hair braiding establishments staying open then

    1. I do believe they obtain their licenses...

    2. They might be doing so with out being licensed, and unfortunately, there are not enough state inspectors to get to every single salon across the nation, you know, the Sequester has the country on hold...

  5. I live in Maryland. Since a license is not require for braiding, is it the same for weaving? Also, I wonder if I can open an establishment?

  6. The state of Virginia de-regulated the hair braiding license. It is no longer needed to practice as a natural hair care specialist.

    1. Does that mean you can braid hair in a shop without a license?

    2. That's it......
      I'm moving to Virginia!!!

      See ya on the East Coast,


  7. Is it required in Delaware, if I just want to braid or plait hair?

  8. Great news about VA...thinking about moving also. No way this treasured local art should be so tightly regulated. Uncle Sam saw dollar signs when our talented sisters from Africa started setting up shop & earning RACKs!

    1. Yes!! Good luck girl, you can do it! Just do a lot of research, shop for a small space, get your business registered, etc and make that money!!

  9. And no are in the same category as I am in IN...must spend $20k on cosmoschool, when I only deal with braids & natural styles. Our states want to capitalize on the last cultural past time we were allowed to hold onto! In retrospect, I support the regulation of sanitary practice & consumer service.'s time 4me to move & take my business to the next level.

  10. Where in New York can I obtain a Natural Stylist License?

  11. Does any one knows where i can get Hair Braiding Certification and License in Texas?

  12. How can I get the license in NC

    1. Call the cosmeotology licensing board. If there is a school that offers the course, they will prepare you or provide information on the licensing procedures. Good luck.

  13. No license required for DC, MD, or VA. You can open a shop and hire folks and start making real money. I'm opening a private hair weaving salon in the next couple months with no license. You can't cut or style...well you might be able to on the low. Just know that if an inspector visit your shop, you will get fined. If you work in a salon, you can only braid or weave the hair.

  14. Arizona does not require license to braid as of 4/12/2004

  15. Just recently spoke with the Board of Cosmetology in Michigan and they told me you DO NOT need a license to braid but if you are going to practice natural hair then that would require you to have a license in Natural Hairstyling.

  16. Can one get hair braiding license in Texas with a Florida hair braiding certificate?
    Or do I need to take the Hair Braiding classes again in Texas?

  17. I just got my braider license in SC. Does it allow me to do braided extensions?

  18. Im in Maryland, and looking into taking professional courses at the Community College to pick up any new techniques and network with other braiders that may be interested in teaming up. Im so excited to finally do something I love!

  19. I have a very important question. Can citizens from South Carolina have just a braiding license in order to braid weave and natural hair? Or are they limited to only braiding with natural hair after they receive their hair braiding license.

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